Dohm USA

Made in the USA Quality

Dohm is knit exclusively in the bespoke tradition of craftsmanship and quality by
Icebox knitting Mill in Longmont Colorado

The Dohm Man
Rugged yet sensible. Confident.
Refined taste in fashion – knows what looks
good on him.
Doesn’t shop for clothes frequently, when he does
he looks for high quality items that are well made,
durable, and have a clean, timeless sense of fashion.

Casual, everyday outdoor.
Hiking, Backpacking, Mountaineering.
Ski, Snowboard, Snowshoeing

Dohm’ Value to
Today’s Consumer

Men are unique consumers, they shop for specific items and are interested in
obtaining high-quality garments that will last, they place a high value on products made domestically knowing that it means superior quality. Men shop for
classic, timeless looks, in wearable colors and do not chase trends. Before Dohm
no major brand was meeting these needs in the head wear space. Dohm caters
specifically to this unique demographic by providing quality rugged head wear
for men, filling a void in the category while providing value to both consumer
and retailer.

Dohm’s Value to
Todays Retailer

Accessories are an often an overlooked category, however, the revenue
generated per square foot makes accessories a valuable part of the retail
mix, both profitable and low risk. Therefore it is important for retailers to
provide a wide selection to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. The rugged
menswear appeal of the Dohm line is singular, making it the perfect
compliment to any judiciously selected array of head wear

Made in the USA  Matters

Americans believe in the value of making products locally… and they prove it
with their purchases. More than 80 percent of U.S. consumers stated that they
are willing to pay more for products labeled “Made in USA” than for those
labeled “Made in China.”*

* Sirkin, Harold L. and Michael Zinser and Kate Manfred “That “Made in USA” Label May Be Worth More Than You Think” BCG Perspectives,
17 Jan. 2013

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